Sunday, 0619 (6:19:22.25 AM)

Health: 3229.9 of 3276.0

Power: not applicable

AK-47 Assault Rifle     No crystal readied


You are 12.3m below ground. You have scored 0 of 41 points and recovered $0.0K in treasure.

You are currently on “Need A Light?” (16.50, 15.61), facing south.

You are right-handed. You are using your flashlight. You are not using Infra-Red goggles.

You are being chased by 4 monsters:

Weapon Proficiencies:

Melee Combat: Expert

Colt .45 Pistol: Expert

Walther P4 Pistol: Expert

MP-41 Submachine Gun: Expert

M-16 Rifle: Expert

AK-47 Assault Rifle: Expert

M-79 Grenade Launcher: Expert


Body Count:

Nightmare: 10

Ghoul: 7

Ooze: 3

Shocking Sphere: 16

Body Count: 36


Damage Inflicted: 1893

Damage Taken: 461

Damage Ratio: 4.10


AK-47 Assault Rifle: 43% (59/137)

Overall Accuracy: 43%


Carnage Bonus (+1 per 250 bodies): +0

Accuracy Bonus (+1 per 10% over 40%): +0

Total Score: 0

Items picked up:

Single-use triggers encountered:

Memories of the dead:

None of the dead remember you.